our Zulu story

In 2010, an American soccer fan traveled to South Africa with his friends for the World Cup. Jared was blown away by the big Africa sky, animal life, and, most of all, the people of this land. Everywhere he went, he was met with bright, warm, welcoming, vibrant faces.

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He immediately fell in love with the African philosophy of “Ubuntu” (oo-Boon-too), which loosely translates to “I am because of you."

A concept that we all need each other. That any stranger entering a village will be welcomed immediately with a warm meal and a place to sleep. What a refreshingly beautiful concept! 

During the trip, he embarked on an African safari in to experience some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes and exotic creatures.


While camping under the stars, he was introduced to African cuisine by generous Zulu women who had prepared a special feast for his party.


The centerpiece of this meal was a spicy, fire-grilled chicken that was so moist it nearly melted off the bone.


Returning home, he was obsessed with this experience and inspired to bring the savory Piri Piri flavors and spirit of Ubuntu to the United States.

He shared the idea with one of his best friends, Nikki, whose career had been spent working with non-profits, primarily in Africa, and who shared his deep love and passion for the land and its people. Together with another friend and South African businessman, Sandile, the three co-founders found an amazing chef, Rob, from New Orleans, and brought this concept to life in 2018! 

Desiring this effort to be centered on social impact and provide a simple way for everyday people to change the world, the co-founders created the Meal for a Meal program which provides a portion of a meal to a vulnerable child in Africa for every meal served at Zulu. 

Help us make the world a little more connected. And a little better. And eat the best chicken of your freakin’ life while doing it!

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