Meal for a Meal


Andile Ncube

My name is Andile Ncube. I am studying BCom at Monash South Africa. I aspire to be an accountant someday. I joined the Home of Hope family in 2008—this is my 15th year with Home of Hope. I love music and numbers.

Home of Hope is a fortress that is full of love and care for anyone who needs to be loved and cared for. Home of Hope is a place that renews hope for those who have lost it. I was raised at Home of Hope, where I have learned self-respect and that there is nothing I cannot do, regardless of my circumstances. My background does not determine my future. Home of Hope gave me a second chance in life when nobody else did.

Home of Hope gave me education, an opportunity to make my future bright and a place to call home. It is such a great privilege to have a place to confidently call a home and people to call a family. Home of Hope is my only home and family.

Mom Khanyi brought light into my life when I was hopelessly fumbling in the dark and she wholeheartedly volunteered to be a mother and a friend to me.

Zama Njanja

My name is Zama Njanja. I'm doing legal Studies at Varsity College. Home of Hope for girls has done a lot for me, I don't even know where to begin.

If it wasn't for Home of Hope I wouldn't be where I am today and I'm thankful to God for giving me someone like Mam Khanyi.

I was able to finish my matric and I was also lucky to go to Tertiary and for that I am thankful to God, Mam Khanyi & also to Home of Hope. I'm now in a process of doing something good for myself.

I love and live through what Ma says,

"A girl's background does not define her future".

"Here at Home of Hope we strive for Education".

Lerato Nomsa Chauke

I am Lerato Nomsa Chauke—23 years old. Since I became a part of Home of Hope for Girls, it has opened many doors for me—I feel so happy I'm in a home with love and support.

I am doing system and support - learning more about computers. Home of Hope for Girls & Mam Khanyi changed my perspective in life and I can express my interests & goals. I feel even more motivated.

Being at Home of Hope for girls, I've learnt to stop being negative about other things and focus on the present and future.

In the future, I would like to apply the things I've learned at Home of Hope and one day open an organisation to help other girls like myself. Also want to fight for women equality.

Sanelisiwe Mbulawa

My name is Sanelisiwe Mbulawa. I’m 25 years of age. I have lived at Home of Hope for 10 years now. I am a graduate in fashion design.

I'm beyond grateful to Home of Hope for giving me love and teaching me how to live without fear. I feel very blessed for getting this kind of love. Mam Khanyi taught me courage about how to live life.

I'm inspired to tell story through fashion and teach young people skills at an early age. I would love to one day own a talk show, where we talk about young people’s challenges.

Nothando Mazibuko

My name is Nothando Mazibuko. I am 16 years of age. I love being at Home of Hope because I have a big family here. I have a mother and sisters who love me unconditionally and who support me.

Mam Khanyi is everything to me; she has taught me a lot about life, she has taught me the difference between wrong and right, and how life is like outside our warm and beautiful home. Because I have her by my side, I know that when I work hard, I can look forward to a bright future!

Sbongiseni Sibanda

My name is Sbongiseni Sibanda, I am 25 years of age and I have been with Home of Hope for 14 years.

Home of Hope for me is a place I call home, a place where one’s dignity is restored, a place where one is given a second chance and encouraged to aim for the skies because there is nothing we cannot achieve if we set our heart and mind to it.

It is a place where I am accepted and not judged, a place where I am free to be myself and a place where I am nurtured.

Hlekani Nyoni

My name is Hlekani Nyoni and I arrived at Home of Hope for Girls in 2013.

My whole entire life changed the day I stepped into Mam Khanyi’s office. She embraced me and believed in me from the first time she laid eyes on me. She filled me with hope, and made me believe that I can be more than my circumstances. Mam Khanyi taught me that I have a story and that my story matters.

Her passion to make a difference in the world is unbelievable & I am a proud product of that passion.